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Kickoff Conference
Computing for the Future

The Kickoff Conference at the New Mexico Tech in Socorro will be held on the weekend of October 10-11, 2015.

For each student and teacher attending the Kickoff, the Supercomputing Challenge will provide room and board. Attendance at the Kickoff is not required for participation in the Challenge. Attendance at the Kickoff will be limited to 350 students.

Theme for this year - Supercomputing Around Us: Sensors and Data

Saturday Lunch time speaker, David Mascarenas from LANL

David D. L. Mascareñas earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in structural engineering at the University of California San Diego, in La Jolla,CA in 2008 and 2006 respectively. He received the B.S. in mechanical engineering at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO in 2004.

He worked as a laboratory manager at SAIC/Sullivan International in 2009 to develop systems health monitoring software for ground-based robots. In 2010 he was a Director's funded postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In 2012 he was converted to a technical staff member at the Los Alamos National Laboratory where he currently performs research on cyber-physical systems at the Engineering Institute. He currently performs research on the application of compressive sensing techniques to structural health monitoring, the deployment of wireless sensor networks, standoff experimental mechanics, and the development of techniques to interface humans to data using vibro-tactile interfaces.

After Dinner speaker, Roger Wiens, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Roger's talk is titled: Exploring Mars with Curiosity

Roger Wiens is the ChemCam Principal Investigator for the Mars Science Laboratory Rover. Learn more about ChemCam at: and at Roger is the author of Red Rover: Inside the Story of Robotic Space Exploration, 2013, Basic Books.

Sunday Lunch time speakers

Meghan Hill and Katelynn James will talk about their project that won the 2014-2015 Supercomputing Challenge and what it takes to produce a winning project. Meghan now attends New Mexico Tech in Socorro and Katelynn attends the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. They attended Monte del Sol Charter School during the 2014-15 Supercomputing Challenge.

Teachers' Chat

Teachers will meet from 3:30-4:50 to talk about the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and participate in a discussion/work session with Dr. Michael Stanton from the State Public Education Department on a special project from the Career Technical Education Program linking classrooms to careers.


The general schedule. Here are the detailed schedules.


Housing will be provided at local hotels in Socorro on a first come first served basis.

  • America's Best Value Inn housing list:
    Down to Earth, Freedom, New Futures High, Sandia High, Santa Fe, St Pius X, Sat Sci & Math Acad
  • Comfort Inn housing list:
    Aldo Leopold, Jackson Middle School, Melrose High, Melrose Mid, Rio Rancho Cyber Acad
  • Econo Lodge housing list:
    ATC, Camino Real Mid, Desert Academy, Las Cruces High, Las Cruces YWiC, Los Lunas, Mesa Mid, Portales, Taos High
  • Super 8 housing list:
    Albuquerque Academy, Aspen Elem, Los Alamos High, Los Alamos Mid, Mountain Elem, Mesa Alta Jr High, Robertson
  • Unknown hotel housing list:


Remember that Supercomputing Challenge teams need to bring a Proposal with you to the Kickoff. See Proposal hints. A Proposal template is to be filled out for each team.

Be sure you have registered for the Supercomputing Challenge.

Class materials


Check out the team pictures from the Kickoff, and class pictures from the Kickoff. Get the school/team pictures to your yearbook staff.

To learn more about previous years' kickoffs, visit our archive

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