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Here are some unix utilities which you will find very helpful while working on your Challenge project.

Note: To learn more about any of these utilities type "man utility" (no quotes) at the mode prompt where "utility" is replaced with any of the below utilities. "man" stands for the on-line manual. Example:

mode:~>man more

more: This utility will display the contents of a text file to the screen. If the file is so large that its entire contents cannot be seen on the screen at once, more will display the contents in a very controlled manner. Initially, the first screenful of text will appear: to view the next screenful of text, press the spacebar; to view the next line of text, press the enter key; to exit out of the more utility (often when viewing a rather large file), simply press the "q" key to quit. Example:

mode:~> ls -F

data.txt mail/ public_html/

mode:~> more data.txt

1 4

2 9

3 -12

4 1

5 -5

6 3


passwd: This utility will let you change your passwd. Simply type in "passwd" (no quotes) at the mode prompt and follow the relatively easy directions. Note that when you are typing in your old (and new) password that they are not echoed (displayed) to the screen. This is done so that someone looking over your shoulder can't steal your password! Example:

mode~> passwd

passwd: Changing password for ch099abc.

Old password:

New password:

New password (again):

Kerberos password changed.


pico: This utility is a text editor (think of it as a primative word processor) that comes with most variants of the Unix and Linux operating systems. There is an entire page devoted to pico under the Unix category of this guide.

submit: This is a utility unique to the machine mode. You may use this utility to submit files to the Challenge staff. The files that are most commonly submitted to our staff are abstracts and interim reports. You must be in the same directory (folder) as the file you want to submit. Example:

mode:~> ls -F

data.txt mail/ public_html/
mode:~> cd public_html
mode:~/public_html> ls -F
abstract9900.shtml data.txt index.html
mode:~/public_html> submit abstract9900.shtml
You have successfully submitted the file
"abstract9900.shtml" to the Challenge Staff

Note: Your file will not immediately appear on
the Challenge Web Page. The Challenge Staff
is required to review all submissions
before posting to the web page.

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