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Cygwin provide a Unix like environment on a PC.

To download and install the Cygwin "environment" for use in the Supercomputing Challenge do the following:

	Go to:  http://www.cygwin.com

	Click on: "Install or update now!" (I used the planetmirror.com site)

	Follow the instructions presented with the Setup Program install wizard.

	Take the recommended settings.

	On the "Select Packages" part of the wizard make sure that you have selected
	the following packages (make sure the dialog says "Keep"):
  Devel  --> binutils
         --> c-client
         --> gcc
         --> gcc-ada
         --> gcc-core
         --> gcc-g77
         --> gcc-mingw-core
         --> gcc-mingw-g++
         --> gcc-mingw-g77
  Editor --> nedit: Nedit
  X11    --> transfig
         --> xfig
         --> xfig-lib
         --> xorg-x11 (note: there are several of these.  Keep all.)
         --> xterm
Once cygwin is installed, start it by clicking on the Cygwin icon or Start/Programs/Cygwin/Cygwin Bash Shell and then enter startx & in the command window.
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