New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Holiday Inn Express Housing List

Housing Assignments for the Holiday Inn Express.

Sunday April 20th and Monday April 21st 

Room 1, K
Teacher:Alan:Daugherty:Male:US:Melrose Middle School

Room 2, K
Chaperone:Amy:Flores:Female:US:Melrose Schools

Room 3, DQ
Student:Maggie:Martin:Female:US:Melrose Middle School:90
Student:Maryelle :Dickerman:Female:US:Melrose Middle School:90
Student:Hannah :Wofford:Female:US:Melrose Middle School:90
Student:Rebecca:Rush:Female:US:Melrose Middle School:90

Room 4, DQ
Student:Victoria:Northrup:Female:US:Melrose High School:87
Student:Machenzie :Perkins:Female:US:Melrose High School:87
Student:Jouie:Barnes:Female:US:Melrose High School:88

Room 5, DQ
Student:James:Rush:Male:US:Melrose High School:88
Student:William:Trammell:Male:US:Melrose High School:88
Student:Tristen :Reed:Male:US:Melrose High School:92

Room 6, DQ
Student:Cooper:Roberts:Male:US:Melrose Schools:091
Student:Teigan:Delk:Male:US:Melrose Schools:091
Student:Nathaniel:Flores:Male:US:Melrose Schools:091
Student:Dylan:Reed:Male:US:Melrose Schools:091

Room 7, DQ
Student:Ethan:Wright:Male:US:Melrose High School:84
Student:Thomas:Martin:Male:US:Melrose High School:84
Student:Quinton:Flores:Male:US:Melrose High School:85
Student:Brian:Hemminger:Male:US:Melrose High School:85

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