New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Expo Schedule

For Monday Morning, April 26th

 TIME TABLE   TEAM            Expo Judges 

 8:30   A  Artesia        11, Aida, Critchlow, Lazo, Robey, Roberts
        C  Artesia        13, Angel, Harris, Stafurik, P.Brown
        E  Bloomfield     20, Budge, Hemsing, Margulies, Wootton
        G  Bloomfield     21, Henderson, Jones, Marrero, Westbrook
        I  Deming         33, J.Brown, Byrd, Montoya
        K  Deming         35, Geernaert, Mendius, Warren, Crichigno
        M  Hatch          51, Cheri, Godwin, Overfelt, White
        O  Red Mountain  110, Chuck, Gonzales, Pedicini, Kelkar

 9:00   B  Silver        119, Angel, Hemsing, Marrero, White, 
        D  Melrose        99, Budge, Jones, Montoya, Harris
        F  Navajo Prep   102, Henderson, Byrd, Overfelt, Wootten
        H  Navajo Prep   103, J.Brown, Geernaert, Mendius, Aida
        J  Quemado/Silver 107, Lazo, Godwin, Pedicini
        L  Quemado       108, Cheri, Gonzales, Roberts
        N  Quemado       109, Chuck, Kelkar, Robey, Westbrook
        P  Tibbets       125, Crichigno, P.Brown, Stafurik
           LAHS           65, FINALIST presenting at 8:30 in the U House

 9:30   A  Aspen          15, Budge, Byrd, Montoya, White
        C  Aspen          16, Henderson, Geernaert, Overfelt, Wootten
        E  Aspen          17, J.Brown, Godwin, Roberts, Aida
        G  Aspen          18, P.Brown, Gonzales, Pedicini, Angel
        I  LA Homeschool  53, Cheri, Kelkar, Stafurik, 
        K  LA Homeschool  56, Chuck, Harris, Lazo, Warren
        M  LAHS           67, Crichigno, Margulies, Robey
        O  LAHS           68, Critchlow, Marrero, Westbrook
           LAHS           70, FINALIST presenting at 10:00 in the U House

10:00      LAHS           69, FINALIST presenting at 9:15 in the U House
        B  LAMS           73, J.Brown, Byrd, Montoya, Aida
        D  LAMS           75, P.Brown, Geernaert, Overfelt, Westbrook
        F  Desert         36, Cheri, Godwin, Robey, Angel
        H  Desert         37, Chuck, Gonzales, Pedicini, Budge
        J  Desert         38, Critchlow, Kelkar, Roberts, White
        L  AIMS@UNM       03, Crichigno, Lazo, Stafurik
           Alb Acad       05, FINALIST presenting at 11:30 in the U House
        N  Sandia Prep   112, Hemsing, Marrero, Wootten

10:30   A  McCurdy        83, J.Brown, Geernaert, Mendius, Angel
           McCurdy        84, FINALIST presenting at 10:45 in the U House
        C  McCurdy        85, Cheri, Gonzales, Roberts, Aida
        E  CEPi1          23, Chuck, Godwin, Pedicini, Budge
        G  CEPi1          24, Critchlow, Lazo, Robey, Wootten
        I  CEPi1          25, Crichigno, Kelkar, Stafurik, Henderson
        K  Cleveland      29, Harris, Marrero, Warren
        M  Cleveland      30, Hemsing, Margulies, Westbrook
        O  Edgewood       39, Jones, Montoya, White

11:00   B  Edgewood       40, P.Brown, Jones, Margulies, Robey
        D  Hope           57, Cheri, Byrd, Marrero, Stafurik
        F  Hope           59, Chuck, Geernaert, Mendius, Warren
        H  Hope           60, Crichigno, Godwin, Montoya, Westbrook
        J  Jackson        61, Critchlow, Gonzales, Overfelt, White, J.Brown
        L  Jackson        62, Harris, Kelkar, Roberts, Wootten
        N  Jackson        64, Hemsing, Lazo, Pedicini
        P  NNMC          104, Aida, Angel, Budge, Henderson

11:30   A  Freedom        48, Cheri, Aida, Angel, Pedicini, Robey
        C  Freedom        50, Chuck, Byrd, Margulies, Stafurik
        E  Manzano        81, Crichigno, Geernaert, Marrero, Warren, J.Brown
        G  Manzano        82, Critchlow, Godwin, Mendius, Westbrook, P.Brown
        I  Manzano       127, Harris, Gonzales, Montoya, White, Budge
        K  Espanola       41, Hemsing, Kelkar, Overfelt, Wootten
        M  LAMS           79, Jones, Lazo, Roberts

12:00 Judges caucus

12:30 Expo Judges announce another four or so finalist teams

These presentations will be in the first floor and basement of the Library below the Study Center of the Research Library at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. After their presentations, teams will set up their posters in the North Gallery of the Study Center and form groups to be able to take tours of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

For questions about the Supercomputing Challenge, a 501(c)3 organization, contact us at: consult @