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Achievements of the Project

The project successfully modeled the populations. This means that we can use this project for further study into inbreeding and population progressions, both in endangered species revival programs as well as in nature. This would help scientists gain additional insight when attempting to protect animals about the necessities genetically for internal population reproduction. Additionally, the project tells us more about the size of populations that breeding programs should strive to remain.

Though this problem has been approached in different ways previously, this project takes on an innovative approach that uses individual animals as objects, which allows them to carry certain individual traits. This approach has proven to be effective and is an achievement of the project because this sort of approach may be able to be used in other problems with involved interactions between different entities in a specific population.

The project is also very expandable, which gives it many more applications outside of the areas it may have originally been designed for. For example, as animals encounter harder and harder times due to stressed environments, the program’s design allows us to consider this by possibly adding in calculated probability for reproduction due to environmental factors.

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