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Expo Description

Judges will read all the final reports after they are submitted on April 6. During a telephone conference call on Wednesday, April 20, they will select about half a dozen teams as first-round finalists. These teams will present their work to the finalist judges in the morning of April 25. During the time that these teams are presenting to the finalist judges, all of the other teams will be making their 30 minute poster board presentations to the Expo judges. At the completion of these presentations, a few more teams will be selected to make presentations to the finalist judges. At the completion of judging, the finalist judges will select first and second place, honorable mention, and determine other awards.

During the Expo period, judges who are familiar with your Final Report will visit your team and its Display Board and talk with all of you about your work including research, scientific methodology, computational results, and conclusions. They will ask questions to ascertain how clearly you understand your project. All team members should be able to show that they understand the work. Remember that you will have divided up the work including research, model development, programming, report writing, and the poster presentation.

All teams may bring a separate poster for the Logo contest. Teams may choose to have one of their graphics from their Display Board Presentation be their Logo Contest entry. Similarly, teams may indicate on their Display Board Presentation a particular section to be considered for the Technical Poster Award and that will become the cover of the Final Reports publication. Posters must be comprised of original artwork and text! You may not copy or borrow pictures, artwork, slogans, etc. from any outside source.

All teams are encouraged to write to Consult if they would like to discuss their work after judging is completed.