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Welcome to the 2015-2016
(26th Annual) Supercomputing Challenge

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Web page update

We are moving the Supercomputing Challenge website to another server so please bear with us during this transition. If you need information that you can't find at this time, email consult1516 at supercomputingchallenge dot org and we'll try to help you.

Registration: Opened September 1st

Sixty-eight teams have registered and submitted proposals to participate in the 26th annual Supercomputing Challenge.

Interim Reports due Dec 10th

Teams should submit their Interim reports at:

Information about the Challenge

Take a look at the important dates for the upcoming year so you can keep up this coming year. Review the links on the left for specific information about the 2015-2016 Challenge and review the links above for general information about the Challenge.

Have a happy Challenge!

Read the Invitation to Participate.

Teachers, post the flyer to solicit students or edit the Word version of the flyer and add your contact information.

See the News Flashes for the 2015-2016 year.

Supercomputing Challenge supports New Mexico Women of STEM

Picture of the New Mexico 
Women of STEM honorees

What an inspiring group of women at the New Mexico Women of STEM Calendar reception. Shown from left to right are, Diana Northup, Cristina Montoya, Mia Kalish, Nina Lanza, Phyllis Baca, Becca Galves, Turtle Haste, Teri Roberts, Mary Jemin, Jill Wick, Lorie Liebrock, Jeri Timlin, Janeen Anderson and Heather Yazzie-Kinlacheeny. Also honored, but not in attendance were Jill Hruby, Patty Lopez and Diane Oyen. At Domenici Center For Health Sciences Education. Order your calendar now

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